11 Ways to Strengthen Immunity to Coronavirus with Natural Remedies

Right now, the whole world is facing a deadly disease and each day thousands of people are getting tested positive for the coronavirus. So when we talk about fighting with deadly viruses such as the COVID-19, the best method to get rid or stay away is to achieve strong immunity to coronavirus by having best vitamins, good diet, and physical activities.

Health officials across the world are trying to find the exact cause of the disease and it is said to have started from a local seafood market in China. It was there from where a bunch of individuals contracted viral pneumonia like symptoms.

corona immunity

What are COVID-19 symptoms?

Anyone can easily catch COVID-19 and fall ill, but people with strong immunity have higher chances of recovering. Anyone who experiences fever, cough and cold, difficulty in breathing, acute pain in the chest, loss of movement or speech should seek medical assistance immediately. Give a call to a health care service provider or facility, so that the patient is taken to the right hospital if needed.

COVID-19 most common symptoms

Dry cough

Less common symptoms

aches and pains
sore throat
loss of taste or smell
skin rashes, discoloration of fingers or toes

Serious symptoms

Loss of speech or movement
difficulty breathing or shortness of breath
chest pain or pressure

About 80% of people are perceived to recover from the very contagious COVID-19, without any hospitalization. Looking at the statistics, it is concluded that 1 out of 5 COVID-19 victims falls seriously ill and as a result, develop breathing complications. Elderly and the ones with underlying health-related issues such as heart and lung problems, high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma, cancer, etc. have high chances of getting affected by a coronavirus. They can fall seriously ill.

Our immune system protects us against all the disease-causing organisms, but at times, it fails and we eventually get sick.

Also, as we age, or grow older, our immune response capability automatically gets reduced. Let us know how to boost the immune system.

Boosting your Immunity to Coronavirus

Below are some ways which will help you to boost immunity to coronavirus ​thereby​    helping to fight the pandemic.

Staying active

Working out or exercise causes our body’s white blood cells and antibodies to circulate more quickly. Stress hormones are also drops by being sporty and active, which also reduces the risk of getting sick.

Pay attention to your diet

Eat more vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds to supply your body with the supplements that your immune system needs.

Keeping calm

There’s a strong link between your physical health and mental health. A daily good amount of exercise routine or meditation, watching movies or reading books may help to a great extent.

Immunity to Coronavirus

Sleep and Coronavirus

Sleeping is such a natural immune booster. It’s obvious that if you sleep less, your body produces a certain amount of stress hormone that can actually affect your immune system. Therefore it’s highly recommended to try to get enough sleep,  that is at least seven to eight hours a night.


Soak in those Sunrays

Sunlight activates the production of vitamin D in our body. Low or less vitamin D levels in our body directly link with having a respiratory infection.

vitamin D for coronavirus

Drinking Alcohol & Coronavirus

It surely is tempting to intake these liquids, but an excessive amount of liquor can damage the immune system and raises the vulnerability to have lung infections.

How Effective Are Hand Sanitisers

Generally, it’s suggested that one should Use an alcohol sanitizer, in case they are travelling to disinfect their hands, by wearing a mask (covering the nose and mouth) and to try avoiding touching their hand or mouth. You can also use homemade hand sanitizer if the same is not available in the market. Homemade sanitizers are super effective and work just the same way, a sanitizer available in the market does.

Herbs for Immunity

To your surprise, herbs are effective in strengthening the immune system in people. A strong immune system will help humans to defend from the deadly virus. Several natural remedies​ help to boost immunity. Let us know some of them.

Herbs for Immunity


Ginger is widely used in traditional medicines and is believed to have antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties. It also cures asthma, cough, cold, etc. Consume it in tea or use ginger in cooking. It is super effective in boosting immunity levels.


Another significant spice that is believed to boost immunity levels greatly in humans. It acts as an anti-inflammatory agent as well. It is popularly used in Indian dishes and is found in every household. Consume it in a decoction(kadha) along with ginger, cardamom, etc. and the drink is believed to enhance immunity to coronavirus.


Another famous ingredient used to prepare several meals, garlic is also proven beneficial and enhances immunity levels. It is always recommended to chop the garlic and consume it since it is believed to work best after coming in contact with oxygen. Garlic is used to add flavour to a variety of cuisines from all over the world. To improve your immunity levels choose to include garlic in your dishes. Garlic further helps to reduce stress and lower blood pressure.


It is a popular herb used in the ayurvedic system. Fenugreek is used in preparing several ayurvedic medicines as it is proved to have antioxidant properties. It also helps to enhance immunity levels. They are also added in the preparation of pickles as are rich in Vitamin E. Dried leaves of fenugreek are also used to flavour several dishes including vegetarian and non-vegetarian. Either add them to herbal tea or kadha or use them in your preparations. They are effective to strengthen your​ immunity to coronavirus. It is a popular ingredient that is used in ​weight loss diet plans as well.​

Holy Basil

These are plant leaves and are easily available. Almost every household in India keeps basil plants in their homes. They are rich in phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals. They have anti fungal and antibacterial properties and reduce glucose levels. Hence, we can see that they are full of goodness and do so much to keep humans fit and healthy. Basil leaves are also believed to strengthen immunity and are effective in furnishing strength that is needed to fight with viruses. Infuse them in your morning tea or boil them in water and consume the water. Basil is a significant ingredient in pesto recipes as well.

With all these remedies at your disposal, boost your immunity to coronavirus naturally and combat against this deadly virus with the best of your capabilities. Taking care of oneself by following these little ways will definitely boost your immune system and that will help further help you to take care of your body.