What is Cholesteatoma Surgery of the Ear?

Cholesteatoma is one of the issues raised in the middle part of the ear. In this ear problem, the skin will be growing in an abnormal way, in the place just behind ear drum only. This will be causing some serious problems such as defects in earring, facial appearance changes and much more.

Cholesteatoma Surgery

What is Cholesteatoma?

Cholesteatoma is caused due to the accumulation of dead skin and creates a sac-like structure filled with fluid and dead skin. It will start in the margin of the eardrum and continues till the middle part of the ear along with the mastoid. This cyst will grow at a faster rate and larger in size causing severe ear pain.

Sac of Cholesteatoma will be retained with the bacteria at a quicker rate. This bacteria causes infection and can be removed only upon the surgery. In some cases, the infection will slowly eat away the tiny bones present in the year that leads to the hearing issues.

Cholesteatoma Surgery

Surgery is the only solution for the Cholesteatoma and it will be undergone in two stages depending upon the severity. The first stage also called as Mastoid ectomy is essential for removing the sac from the bone. The second stage is also known as Tympanoplasty is done only upon the requirement, but not necessarily in all the cases.

Mastoid Ectomy

Mastoidectomy is a surgery done whenever a sac is present in the mastoid of an ear. In some cases, just bone is enough to open while in others all the bone walls need to be opened. This process is well known as ‘radical mastoidectomy’ or else ‘open cavity’.


The process of repairing eardrum along with the hearing mechanism is popularly called as the Tympanoplasty. The graft of cartilage is used in repairing the eardrum where even holes are closed that is present in it.

Cholesteatoma Symptoms

Symptoms that cause Cholesteatoma are much mild at the starting, but gradually the pain increases and creates lots of problems. The common symptoms of Cholesteatoma are mentioned below.

  • Foul smelling fluid flows from ear
  • Sharp pain in the ear or behind the ear
  • Also, cause hearing loss
  • Vertigo
  • Facial muscles paralysis
  • Swelling of the inner ear in the affected one
  • Meningitis
  • Chronic infections in the infected ear only
  • Brain abscesses

The above mentioned are the common symptoms and will be increasing as the sac present in the ear goes on growing larger. As soon as possible visiting the doctor and taking care is the best solution for getting relieved from this problem.

Congentional Cholesteatoma

Content Cholesteatoma when present will be very difficult to prevent it, but it can never be said as it is impossible. To prevent this it will be possible only in the early stages of it. This can, however, be possible only with the help of surgeries. It only depends on how fast a patient will be able to identify the condition and recognize the issue to eliminate it. Sooner the treatment of Cholesteatoma, lower will be the causes of ear complications. Though surgery is done in some cases still there is a chance of this problem reoccurring, but not always. Top 14 Essential Oils for Menstrual Cramps and Other Problems

Cholesteatoma Surgery recovery time

The Cholesteatoma surgery will be completed within just 2 to 3 hours and not more than that. Once it is completed patients will be ready to get discharged from the hospital and no need to stay. The second surgery will not be done immediately but after one after the first one. In the meantime, patients are required to consult the doctor on regular basis to check if everything is proper.

Cholesteatoma Surgery

Once first surgery is completed very soon that is after 24 hours the ear pain starts to reduce. In two to three weeks the pain in the ear will completely be reduced. Even the facial issues come to an end very sooner. So it can be said that Cholesteatoma recovery time is very less that will be just one or two days. Only in rear cases, there is a chance of reoccurring of Cholesteatoma.

Results of Cholesteatoma Surgery

Surgery results in the complete removal of cholesteatoma in the majority of cases. Hearing loss can often be restored to some degree. If the disease prevents effective hearing restoration, a smaller operation in the future may be the best way to improve your hearing.

One of the serious ear problems is the Cholesteatoma which is most common in children and less in adults. In the above way with the help of surgery, it can be corrected.