WHO Update: By Next Week There will be 10 Million Coronavirus Cases Worldwide

World Health Organization (WHO) Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said on Wednesday that he thinks there are currently around 9.3 million cases of coronavirus worldwide, and the numbers will rise up to 10 million by next week. That means that the total count of corona cases worldwide will become one crore.

Tedros said in a news briefing that he supports Saudi Arabia’s decision to ban the annual Haj pilgrimage to reduce the spread of the virus. He said that WHO is now helping many such countries which are facing a crisis in availing oxygen concentrator. Oxygen concentrators are devices that promote the flow of oxygen for breathing in COVID-19 patients.


The head of WHO’s emergency programs, Dr. Mike Ryan, said that the epidemic has not yet increased in many countries in the US. It is still serious, especially in Central and South America. Ryan also said that- ‘I will say about this situation that it is still growing. It has not yet reached its peak, and the number of infection cases and deaths is expected to increase in the coming weeks. Several countries in the region have experienced a 25-50 percent increase in cases in the past week.

Brazil’s President reprimanded for not following COVID-19 Protocols

President Jair Bolsonaro, who ranks Brazil as one of the most Corona Virus-affected countries, has been reprimanded by the court due to his senselessness and arbitrariness. Federal Judge Renato Borelli has ordered the administration to impose fines on a daily basis if the President is seen in public without a mask.

Jair Bolsonaro

Corona cases are constantly increasing in Brazil, but President Jair Bolsonaro is not serious about it. He is organizing rallies, shaking hands with people. On most occasions, they can be seen without a mask. This is the reason that now the court has to come forward to curb this arbitrariness.

Judge Renato Borelli said that if Bolsonaro did not follow the rules, he would be fined 2,000 Reiss (local currency) per day, i.e., around $ 387 dollars. According to a local newspaper, the judge reprimanded the President to implement all the necessary measures to avoid COVID-19 so that he can protect himself and the people around him.

The judge continued, “Even though there is no consensus within the medical-scientific community about the spread of coronavirus by asymptomatic people without symptoms, it is dangerous to go out in public without PPE, masks.” By doing this, the President is putting others as well as others at risk ‘. The judge, citing Brazil’s presidential oath, said that Jair Bolsonaro pledged to uphold the Constitution, protect it, obey the laws, and work for the welfare of the Brazilian people when he took office they should follow the rules.

The number of coronae infects in Brazil has crossed 1.1 million, and more than 50,000 people have died. The main reason for Corona being uncontrolled here is that the President does not take it seriously. Bolsonaro has been taking it lightly since the beginning. He has also openly opposed stringent measures like lockdown.

Trump’s take on the virus

US President Donald Trump spokesperson said that Trump believes that China is responsible for the spread of the deadly coronavirus worldwide, which has killed more than four and a half million people worldwide. And in America alone, 124,282 people have lost their lives.

Donald Trump

White House press secretary Callie McKenney said in a press conference that the President had never felt sad that he put the responsibility of spreading the virus to China all over the world. The President has said that he is standing with the American soldiers whom China is promoting.

At the Tulsa rally last week, Trump used the word ‘Kung Flu’ for this virus, which is being seen as a racist comment. The press secretary was answering questions related to this.